Wednesday, August 15, 2012

#243 Lisa Camps It Up!

Lisa is another fabulous butch musician we get to sing with and listen to every year at queer family camp - our family's favorite time of year. Such a pleasure and a joy.

#242 Karen Camps It Up!

Karen, what can I say? An old-timey butch comedian and improve teacher. Karen made queer family camp even more fun this year. Plus, she's got bulldagger appeal. Just sayin'.

#241 Yolanda Camps It Up!

Yolanda doing the butch pose for me. She's a talented drummer, amazing parent and all around fabulous person. Oh how I love queer family camp!

#240 Rachel and Fern Camp It Up!

Queer family camp iconography: Rachel and her baby daughter Fern. Hard to imagine anything sweeter.

#239 Maureen Camps It Up!

Queer family camp wouldn't be the same without the nightly cocktail parties held before dinner outside various tents and cabins. Maureen is the consummate host - mixing up delicious drinks and serving wry humor.

#238 Ora Camps It Up!

Ora is a butch mensch, a wonderful person, lawyer, hiker, mother, partner who is generous with her time and expertise.

#237 A Butch and a Guitar

During queer family camp last week I was lucky enough to sing with a band we called The Parental Units. This is our fabulous guitar-playing butch.

#236 Andrea Camps It Up!

We went to queer family camp last week. A fabulous and incredibly loving community of families, teachers, little kids and big ones. It's the best time of our entire year. And you know, there were butches to be sighted. This is Andrea.