Friday, September 30, 2011

#52 Toby at Folsom

A belt buckle that says "Butch" and a stance that begs to be photographed. Thanks to Erin, who has this to say:

"hello butch sightings !!!
    Thank you so much for this project! Brightens my day. I went to Folsom & got the courage to ask a butch (her belt buckle said BUTCH & we were talking about the label butch) if I could take her photo for butch sightins & she said 'YES!'
    Her name is Toby. She lives in Oakland. The photo was taken in the women's area of Folsom Street Fair. :)
    I'm a butch loving femme!"

Thursday, September 29, 2011

#51 Sarah In Your Neighborhood

It's lovely to happen upon a butch, don't you think? This is Sarah, who was taking photos of her kid when I asked her if I could take a picture of her (her camera is way better, but that didn't stop me).

Monday, September 26, 2011

#50 Sam Occupies Wall Street

Robin, a femme, traveled from Brooklyn to Manhattan to visit her queer daughter at the Occupy Wall Street protest.  She says,

"Today at the Occupy Wall Street protest I met Sam. Sam said she identifies as a butch 'depending on the day.' She had really beautiful tattoos. Sam came to Liberty Park today to join in the protests because she's one of the "99%" as protesters refer to ourselves (that is, the 99% who will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%)."

#49 All You Need is Love, The Lexington

This is Love. Yes, that's right. Isn't she wonderful? She and a friend are working on a butch fashion web site if I'm not mistaken.

#48 Laughing Butch, The Lexington

She couldn't keep a straight (gay) face, but I think that's okay, don't you?

#46 Graffiti Heat, The Lexington

She put up with my over-bright camera flash. I think you'll agree, it was worth it.

#45 Kim at the Lexington

Kim was extremely pleased to be asked for a pic. In fact, I didn't even ask her if she identified as butch. Something about the way she was leaning up against the outside wall of the bar.

Kim is single, and you might spot her at the Lexington Club or Sycamore in SF.

#44 Abby, from Seattle

I was very pleased to leave dinner and happen upon Abby, who just moved her for a year with her partner. Welcome to California!

#43 Butches I Know and Love

Every once in a while, I just gotta give some love to the butches I love. The one I'm married to on the left and our very good friend on the right. Shout out Em and Donna!

#42 The Fix-It Butch

It wasn't easy, but our good friend figured out how to get the butchsightings domain name working on blogspot. Here she is, hard at work yesterday.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

#41 Timnah "Butchish"

And last but not least, from the Fat Queer Community Heart Circle & Potluck Brunch is handsome and playful Timnah, who considers herself "butchish" and wants the world to know.

#40 Kasi, Brunch Butch

Kasi was kind enough to let me take her picture even though she doesn't usually do photos. Her girlfriend seemed to approve. ::Waves to both::. Another great butch at the terrific Fat Queer Community Heart Circle & Potluck Brunch in Oakland.

#39 Margo, Butch Fruit

Margo was at the Fat Queer Community Heart Circle & Potluck Brunch too. What a good morning it was for me! And anyone who can wear a fruit shirt and make it look studly gets my kudos. That's you Margo.

#38 Pat with "The Look"

I've known Pat as an acquaintance for years. I'm always happy to see her. She has an always flirtatious look which I, for one, appreciated very much. Here she is at the Fat Queer Community Heart Circle and Potluck Brunch.

#37 Mo in Oakland

Today I went to the Fat Queer Community Heart Circle & Potluck Brunch in Oakland and met butches galore! It was a wonderful, important event, where we got to be with others who understand the struggle, and I had fun too (natch).

Here's Mo. I love her look.

#36 Amanda

Robin, who went out on a mission last night, says this:

"I watched Amanda for awhile, not because I was wondering if I should photograph her for this page but because she was very exuberant and surrounded by friends so I waited. I asked if she ids as a butch and she said she ids as "Amanda." Then her femme came over and really, what a cute Amanda/femme couple! Amanda really liked the project too. (Plus her femme could not believe I'm 54. lol. Only in a bar.)"

#35 Jody, Bar Butch

Robin went out last night on a mission. Here's what she has to say:

"This is Jody. She, like every butch I've photographed, wanted to fix her hair. I like that. She was in the bathroom so long that my friend Sonia said, "she's coming out with a moustache and tie." lol But lo and behold, she and Sonia knew one another from softball. Jody was a little tipsy, admittedly so, there with her very pretty ex, and wanted me to take lots of photos until we got the right one. I think this captures Jody. :)"

Friday, September 23, 2011

#34 Jayez Butch Genderqueer

From reader Valaida, whose style I like quite much.

Here's what she had to say:

"This is Jayez. Jayez identifies as butch as a tribute to all the butches that brought Jayez up. Jayez was so excited to hear about butch sightings and the possibility of having a picture posted. Jayez also identifies as genderqueer and doesn't like the female pronoun, but I forgot to ask which pronoun to use. Jayez also referenced butches as a dying breed but hopes that there is room and love for all identifications. Jayez was trying not to smile to look more butch. Thanks Jayez, it was great to meet you. Enjoy your butch sightings and maybe do some of your own."

#33 Cait, Oakland Biker

As in bike.

When asked if she was a butch, Cait took a moment to respond, then thoughtfully replied that she was probably a soft butch. She posed for me by her bike. Love those gloves!

#32 Lisa at the Farmers Market

I went out on a butch sighting adventure. It was slim pickings until I saw Lisa. I probably haven't seen her in 10 years, and there she was walking through with a beautiful, vivacious femme from Sweden.

#31 The HomoFiles' Kimberly

Yvonne, L.A. butch sighter to the stars, sent Kimberly our way. Isn't she handsome?

Yvonne says:

"Kimberly is a film student at CSUDH is completing a film called Mustache Sally and is the co owner with her lovely wife for Homofiles. She has the sexiness and swagger of Johnny Depp in Pirates and the gentleness and kindness of Mother Theresa."

#31 At the Tradeshow: Mary and Stacey

A butch friend had a butch sighting! I love it. Here's what she had to say:

"I took this photo while at our trade show in Baltimore for your butch sightings blog.  Mary is on the left and Stacey is on the right. Stacey identifies as a butch and Mary is not sure what she is."

Thursday, September 22, 2011

#30 Yes, Santa Claus, There Really is a Virginia

Hey everyone! It was reader Valaida's first random butch sighting since we started the project.

Here's what she had to say:

This is Virginia. She was standing on Valencia Street in San Francisco finishing a burrito when I rolled up next to her on my bicycle. She identifies as butch and states that she feels like part of a "dying breed". She's just moved to New York and could probably use a visit from the welcome wagon. I told her that New York was lucky to be getting her. The exhilaration of my first successful butch sighting propelled me up the hill to my house. So thanks Virginia. Your picture turned out great. Good luck in NYC. And yes Virginia, there is a butch nation.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

#29 Sinclair Sexsmith

Robin, NY femme about town, had a butch sighting in the locker room (um, hello Fantasy Island). She has this to say:

"This is Sinclair Sexsmith. I'm cheating a little because I know Sinclair ... but not in the locker room at the gym! Sinclair knows and appreciates Butch Sightings and we apppreciate you, Sinclair and your steamy blog,"

#28 Laura and Dianne

Yvonne, butch sighter from Los Angeles, say:

"Laura and Dianne both from Hollywood. They were both very sweet and tender with each other. It was lovely to see. "

#27 Caroline and Amanda

Yvonne, Southern California butch sighter says:

"Caroline from Los Angeles (on the right) likes to work with children and is looking into doctoral psychology  programs to help kids. Amanda from Alabama (on the left) is a big Dar Williams fan. She's been in the music industry for over 25 years and once managed a band that opened for Dar. "

#26 Courtney

Yvonne, Southern California butch sighter, had this to say:

"Courtney is a Maine transplant and manages a Lesbian night club night very popular here in Los Angeles called Truck Stop."

Monday, September 19, 2011

#25 Butch at the Food Truck

At lunch today I caught sight of Katie from Portland. When I asked her if she was butch and she said yes, very quickly, very matter-of-factly, I followed with, "I'm a femme, and I'm doing this project..." I realized in that moment that I'm doing something subversive to the cultural norms. That is, butches are highly recognizable, femmes are not. By "outing" myself to her, I'm letting her know she's not the only queer around, and I'm creating a connection which would otherwise be one-way (me with the gaze, her unaware).

Thanks Katie.

#24 Phoenix at Fairyland

Ami, our resident butch butch sighter, has this to say:

"Fairyland is for Butches.

This was a great interaction! Turns out I knew Phoenix already, just hadn't put her face with her name. When I asked if she identified as butch, she said, "Well, <pointing to partner> she's actually way better with the power tools." Amen. We have to get our cred somewhere!

And if it's not with power tools, then let it be with cute paperboy caps, adorable kid-dos and big plans for a "Gays and Gaybies" flash mob takeover of Fairyland, as soon as we find a glitter sponsor and enough pickups."

Nice work Ami!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

#23 Northern California Butch

Yvonne was busy at brunch. She says:
 "Butch Brunch Sighting. This Handsome Nor. Cal. Butch treated her Beautiful Lady Femme with such gentleness, kindness, with opening doors, pulling out her chair, looking at her so lovingly that every Femme around swooned in adoration. A definite Butch Keeper. They exist ladies and here's proof."

#22 Brunch Butch

Yvonne again, who says:

"Butch Brunch Sighting. This Hot Butch makes children's lives better every day in Los Angeles. Swoon, Debonair, Charming and an Angel. Swoon."

#21 Dr. Butch

Yvonne is a master butch sighter, she talked with three today (#21, #22 and #23).

She says,

"Brunch Butch Sighting. You can call her Dr. That's right. She's Dr. Butch."

Photo removed by request of the Dr.

#20 Joey, LGBT Civil Rights Lawyer

Robin saw Joey today and didn't even have to ask if she was a butch.

Robin says: "Very interesting butch sighting today! Joey was SO OBVIOUSLY a butch that I didn't have to say, 'can I ask you a question?' but just cut to the chase. It turns out she is a notable civil rights lawyer who wrote a book, 'Queer (In)Justice: The Criminalization of the LGBT People in the United States.'"

Saturday, September 17, 2011

#19 Laura at the Flash Mob

Yvonne again who says:

"I did my first flash mob in front of the Republican Convention in Los Angeles last night. There I met German transplant Laura. When she got off her motorcycle and took off her helmet, I knew I was going to talk to her Butch Self."

We applaud you Yvonne! And Laura, thank you for participating. Ausgezeichnet!

#18 Michele at the Flash Mob

Yvonne comes through again with her fabulous butchsourcing skills!

Here's what she had to say:
"I did my first flash mob in front of the Republican Convention in Los Angeles last night. There I met Oregon transplant Michele."

#17 A.J. A Self Described "Nerd"

A.J. seemed pleased to be approached (I think she liked my dress) and her friend (girlfriend?) was very encouraging. I asked her if she identified as butch and when she hesitated, I threw out the other terms: Stud/Aggressive/AG/Bulldagger. She said she was "everything" but I think nerd is the word she really likes.

#16 Dagger

Dagger was with her gorgeous beglittered girlfriend (a femme performer and the photographer for these shots). Dagger said she liked getting asked the question, was surprised by it and "so excited." Her enthusiasm was wonderful. And look at those eyes!

#15 Androgynous and 29

Identifies as androgynous, 29 years old, working the tables as a volunteer.

#14 Not Butch, Proud to Be a Woman (and Friends)

Tonight Butch Sightings went to "Rally the Troupes VII: The Revolution will Include Glitter" which  featured social-justice fueled queer performances.

It was a fun, sexy, and sometimes somber event. Great acts, hilarious and gorgeous MCs Starr 69 and Kentucky Fried Woman.

There were a lot of trans men and butches, femmes and lesbians and it was a little intimidating to ask the question. But I did. Some people said no, and then there were those that said yes. It's always a risk to ask someone how they identify, and possibly get it wrong. On the other hand, it's also a great to ask and meet people, have conversations, talk about who they are, discuss the project and build community.

Some of the people I asked were trans and did not identify as butch, others weren't trans and didn't identify as butch. There was a range of reactions and later I had a good conversation with a trans man in a bar about what it was like for him to be asked, and why it made his hackles rise a bit. There is, I think, work to be done to examine the dynamics that seem to be at play between butches, trans men and the larger queer community in which many of us exist. And what we call ourselves is as important as ever.
Here, a woman who wears mens clothes, but doesn't consider herself butch, "proud to be a woman," and her friends, from the back (the woman I asked is on the left, she liked my dress and all three were very nice).

Thursday, September 15, 2011

#13 Nothing Says Butch Like Coffee (Reader Ami's Submission)

Ami has been on a mission for the last few days and tonight it all happened. Here's what she has to say:

"This is Darcy, closing up for the night. I'm so freakin' excited, I just got to tell her that she's rad and unleash some extra awesomeness into the world. I think she looks proud, too. We were each other's people for a minute. I was proud. Thanks, Darcy, hope I see ya around soon!"

#12 Martha (Butch Sightings Can't Get Enough of College)

Yvonne M., photog to the stars (and butches) deserves a diploma for all her work today.

"Butch sighting #3. Martha is also a Kinesiology student. It's her 3rd year. She doesn't know Amber, but I told Martha about another Butch being in her department. Martha was the treasurer for her high school GSA."

#11 Amber (Butch Sightings Goes to College Again)!

Yvonne M., how we love you and your butch sighting abilities.
"CSUDH Butch sighting #2 is Amber. Amber is a Kinesiology student. Her aunties got a stud GF who is a PE teacher and encourage her to study Kinesiology."

#10 Veronica DK (Butch Sightings Goes to College!)

Yvonne M., a butchsourcer extraordinaire, had three butch sightings and social interactions today! If I could give her a standing ovation, I would!

Here's what she had to say:

"I had to stop by campus today and had 3 Butch sightings at California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH). #1 is Veronica DK who runs OC Women on Wheels."

#9 Moe in Brooklyn (another butch brought to you by Robin)

Robin comes through again! And wow - look at Moe.

Here's what Robin had to say about her social interaction:

"Moe identifies as a butch (not AG nor Stud because she's old school). She was sitting on the steps outside the hospital where she works. She was on the phone when I passed. I put on my brakes (walking) and spun around bumping into a baby carriage and she looked at me like 'huh?' and then I asked first if I could ask her a question and then if she was a butch. She gave me a big grin and said, 'I AM!'

I told her about Butch Sightings and she said 'take my picture!' Then, 'There are a lot of us in the hospital. Damn, I wish you could meet Deb. She's a butch. Lots of us.'"

"Lots of us." Swoon.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

#8 Our First Reader Submission: Kiara

From Robin: This is Kiara. I saw her from the back and my femme antennae twitched but you know, sometimes that happens and it's a man impersonating a butch. ;) Then before I even had a chance to say anything she sweetly said, "can I help you with something?" I asked her if she were a butch and after sizing me up a second she said, "yes." After the photo she said some friends call her "futch" (or was it "bemme"?) for femme-butch because she says she's "soft. She'll be 21 soon. She wanted me to know that.