Thursday, September 15, 2011

#9 Moe in Brooklyn (another butch brought to you by Robin)

Robin comes through again! And wow - look at Moe.

Here's what Robin had to say about her social interaction:

"Moe identifies as a butch (not AG nor Stud because she's old school). She was sitting on the steps outside the hospital where she works. She was on the phone when I passed. I put on my brakes (walking) and spun around bumping into a baby carriage and she looked at me like 'huh?' and then I asked first if I could ask her a question and then if she was a butch. She gave me a big grin and said, 'I AM!'

I told her about Butch Sightings and she said 'take my picture!' Then, 'There are a lot of us in the hospital. Damn, I wish you could meet Deb. She's a butch. Lots of us.'"

"Lots of us." Swoon.

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  1. Yeah, this woman is beautiful old school butch. Keepin it real in Brooklyn! Home of the Lesbian Herstory Archives.