Thursday, September 22, 2011

#30 Yes, Santa Claus, There Really is a Virginia

Hey everyone! It was reader Valaida's first random butch sighting since we started the project.

Here's what she had to say:

This is Virginia. She was standing on Valencia Street in San Francisco finishing a burrito when I rolled up next to her on my bicycle. She identifies as butch and states that she feels like part of a "dying breed". She's just moved to New York and could probably use a visit from the welcome wagon. I told her that New York was lucky to be getting her. The exhilaration of my first successful butch sighting propelled me up the hill to my house. So thanks Virginia. Your picture turned out great. Good luck in NYC. And yes Virginia, there is a butch nation.


  1. Nice! White shirt and buttondown. The butch uniform. love it.

  2. oooh! if she was in upstate NY instead of NYC, I'd be more than happy to welcome her to the area and play tour guide!