Tuesday, September 13, 2011

#4 Not Butch, Not Offended

It's been a very exciting day in my world. It's absolutely thrilling to be on the lookout for butches and studs and approach people without knowing the outcome. Taking networking to an entirely new level!

This is J. She was very kind and although surprised to be approached by me at lunch, happy to talk. Doesn't identify as a butch, although is queer. She was married to man for over 20 years, then her teen daughter came out to her and now she, herself, is in a relationship with a woman.

She had on very cute shorts and had a nice smile. She was not wearing nail polish on her toes (flip flops, I looked), did have a small stud earring in each ear, and told me that she only gets clear polish on her fingernails when she gets a manicure (I explained that I was looking at her toes before I approached her).

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