Sunday, June 24, 2012

Butch Sightings Wishes You a Happy Pride

The 2012 San Francisco Dyke March

The dyke march was a lot of fun, although doing butch sightings involved quite a bit of walking backwards in heels to talk with the marchers as they marched and ask to take their pics.

There are many portraits following this post, but first, a couple more pics that say so much about what makes me happy.

#218 Maggie at the San Franicsco Dyke March 2012

I'll admit it, Maggie caught my eye as I was marching up the street. She was sitting on a car, all craggy faced and laughter. Appealing. Old School. When I came back down the street later and she was still there, I couldn't not ask her if she ID'd as butch.

#217 Camille at the San Franicsco Dyke March 2012

I think Camille was a little surprised when I ran up to her to ask if she ID'd as butch (they often are). But she kept her cool and let me snap this pic. I love a butch who plays along!

#216 Suzanne at the San Francisco Dyke March 2012

Suzanne told me something that was clearly untrue about herself; she said she wasn't photogenic. I beg to differ. Hello handsome Suzanne. Thanks for being sighted.

#215 Dee and Sid at the San Francisco Dyke March 2012

I literally had to walk up to Dee and Sid as they were kissing and interrupt to ask for a pic. I guess I could tell they'd be amenable. What a hot couple and what a fun interaction. I'm pretty sure they went right back to kissing after our mini photo-shoot.

#214 Queer Rebels KB and Celeste at the San Francisco Dyke March 2012

What an incredible couple! When I approached them, they were so welcoming. Happy. Delighted. It felt like a 30 second love fest.

KB and Celeste are the directors of Queer Rebel Productions

"Showcasing LGBT artists of color. Connecting generations and genres. Honoring our queer legacies with visionary art for the future."

I can't wait to start supporting their work!

#213 Tania at the San Francisco Dyke March 2012

Tania was quite lovely - offering a stunning profile pose. I think she really brings out the rainbow in that flag.

#212 No Name Given at the San Francisco Dyke March 2012

This butch was willing to have her photo taken but declined to give me her name. We'll just have to imagine what it might be.

#211 Raquel at the San Francisco Dyke March 2012

I ran up to Raquel, leaving my place in the march to ask her if she ID'd as butch. She doesn't prefer labels but was happy to be included in Butch Sightings. Thank goodness.

#210 Raven at the San Francisco Dyke March 2012

Raven could not have been more enthusiastic when I asked her if she ID'd as butch. In fact, I felt like she was an old friend - so incredibly warm and happy. Raven is from Tuscon, AZ and we're certainly glad she made a visit to SF!

#209 Laurie at the San Francisco Dyke March 2012

Laurie is a friend of a friend and kindly offered, many times, to give my young daughter a piggy back ride (after we got separated from the rest of our family and were trying to feel confident and cheer up). My daughter didn't take her up, maybe next time.

#208 Kelley at the San Francisco Dyke March 2012

Kelley stopped marching long enough for me to snap her pic.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

#207 Roke Noir - Creativity Coach

Roke was sitting behind me and my daughter at a local bakery one day in April. She was waiting for someone. I should have approached her before her friend showed up, but I was a bit rusty in the butch sightings department so waited. Finally, I interrupted to ask Roke if she identified as butch. She graciously took the time to answer (yes!) and pose for a picture (or two or three, my daughter wanted to get in on the action by taking pictures too).

I've been seeing Roke's name on various email lists for years - Roke is a creativity coach in the San Francisco Bay Area and founding  Founding Artistic Director of Siren Theatre Project. They are currently working on "Playing with Fear." Check out her web site. "She specializes in helping people transform their intention, passion & vision into the life they live. " Great stuff!

#206 Em

This is Em. We've been married for almost 14 years (twice - once without the government, and once with), together for longer and I'm still in love with her.

We stopped at a cafe by a local lake for some refreshments on a family bike ride with our kids. Em's training for a triathlon. I'm proud of her.