Sunday, June 24, 2012

#218 Maggie at the San Franicsco Dyke March 2012

I'll admit it, Maggie caught my eye as I was marching up the street. She was sitting on a car, all craggy faced and laughter. Appealing. Old School. When I came back down the street later and she was still there, I couldn't not ask her if she ID'd as butch.


  1. I didn't now sf had a dyke march too! I just wrote about the NYC one, it was awesome. Next year maybe I'll get a chance to be in Frisco for it!

  2. Oh yes, it's been going for many years now. Here's a good link with more information:

    Do come out for our march, but please, don't call it "Frisco." ;)

    (Friday Trans March, Saturday Dyke March, Sunday Pride - every year)