Wednesday, June 20, 2012

#207 Roke Noir - Creativity Coach

Roke was sitting behind me and my daughter at a local bakery one day in April. She was waiting for someone. I should have approached her before her friend showed up, but I was a bit rusty in the butch sightings department so waited. Finally, I interrupted to ask Roke if she identified as butch. She graciously took the time to answer (yes!) and pose for a picture (or two or three, my daughter wanted to get in on the action by taking pictures too).

I've been seeing Roke's name on various email lists for years - Roke is a creativity coach in the San Francisco Bay Area and founding  Founding Artistic Director of Siren Theatre Project. They are currently working on "Playing with Fear." Check out her web site. "She specializes in helping people transform their intention, passion & vision into the life they live. " Great stuff!

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