Tuesday, September 13, 2011

#6 A Stud and Her Girl

It was a great night at the grocery store! I don't know if I've EVER had so much fun shopping (okay, well, except during Hawaiian days at Albertson's in the summers of my 1970s youth).

I approached the femme first and asked her if she and her girlfriend identified as butch and femme. She said Stud and femme, although she uses femme for lack of a more current word. Could they be any cuter? They could not!

Before I snapped the picture, I thought I heard one say to the other, "Your mom knows, right?"


  1. Oooo... I like that big butch. :) They are really cute.

  2. Clicked through from FB to this post and have already quoted you. Love the site for a million reasons, perhaps primary of which is that I just love to be in your words because you are so generous with your experience and by its nature I am drawn in. Such a gift. Plus, butches, femmes what can you do but be fascinated. This pic is very cute.

  3. Thank you Heather. I feel a kind of pure excitement and joy over this project. It's always great to talk to strangers and to appreciate them and have an excuse to say so is just fantastic!

    And aren't they great? I actually saw them in one part of the store and then found them in another. It makes the shopping for actual groceries part very hit and miss.