Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A slight diversion: Jenny and Monica at the Pariah Screening

Monica organized the screening of Pariah through Sista2Sista in Oakland. And then we posed for this picture together while I was in the popcorn line. I'm laughing in the pic because Young Brat (#91) was taking our pic and had the camera down low, I said, "Never do a woman from below" to which Monica replied "That's the only way to do a woman!" (She made me post this conversation. Oy). :)


  1. You rock JENNY! I love your swagger - you approach self-identified butches (and those that you suspect as being one) with such finesse - you had folks melting like "buttah in the sun". Thank you for supporting our S2S Pariah Advance Screening, bringing your loving energy/beauty to the gathering and capturing some wonderful photos (of butches and non-butches alike!) from our event! May I use your photos on my website with photo credits and a link to your blog?

    S2S will be hosting another event soon that will probably garner you a great deal of butch sightings... I'll keep you posted.

    Gratitude and Love - Monica

  2. Monica, you make a girl feel special! Yes, please do use photos, that would be wonderful. Can't wait for the next event!

    XO to your hotness and warmth. I love your magic. You have it. You do.