Saturday, October 1, 2011

#54 Laci

Southern California correspondent Yvonne has this to say about her interaction with Laci,

"Meet sexy motherphuker Laci McCrea. She's Scottish, was raised in Salt Lake City, UT, got the hell out of there and ended up in Boise, ID and finally landed here in Los Angele after trying a stint in the ever-expensive San Francisco.. Yay for us Angeleno femmes!

I saw her walking with a really cute little white puppy dog which was her girlfriend's. His name is Romeo. Yep Butch Romeo was holding a cute puppy named Romeo. It was all too much for this femme to bear, really. She says she's really a cat person and really wants one of those hairless cats.

Laci managed a restaurant called Picklez located in Beverly Hills, likes to paint with oils (mostly dogs and people). I looked her up and not only is she handsome, but her work is beautiful as well."

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