Tuesday, November 15, 2011

#159 Lee's Liquor Lounge

Pasha, butch sighter in Minnesota, shares her somewhat awkward adventure:

"Last night I went to Lee's Liquor Lounge. It is an old time straight bar on the edge of downtown.

For the last 18 years, a women's band, mostly lesbians, has played their once a month. They are the Roxy Hall Band and they play a mixture of pop, current hits, R&B, old time hits, you name it. Its a big group, with several brass instruments. So, anyhow, this is one of those lesbian events where the patrons are 40+ and they ALL look like butches, but many do not identify that way. Actually, there are places in Minnesota where virtually every woman in town looks like a butch. It was kind of  like that. I thought I could get lots of photos, but the dilemma of who to ask stymied me. I did ask three women, which turned out to be two hits and a miss. The miss though, was interesting. The friend I was with pointed out a gal who plays with the Minnesota Women's Professional Football team, the Vixens. She definitely looked butch-ish to me. I wanted to ask her, thought she left, and then at the end of the night I spotted dancing her again. My friend and I went to dance to increase my chances of asking her. Between songs, I tapped her on the shoulder and asked her about the football team. She seemed please. So then I asked if I could ask her a personal question (she looked WORRIED), and went ahead with, 'Do you identify as butch.' She got a standoffish look on her face, and replied with, 'not necessarily.' Then she asked me, 'have you been to a game?' I had to admit that no, I had not. I got the vibe that asking her this kind of question without being an actual fan was NOT COOL.  She then wanted to know how I knew she was on the team, and I pointed to my friend, who gallantly tried to smooth things over. That was pretty much the end of that awkward moment. It was interesting though, to have this conversation with someone in women's professional sports."

"This picture is of Barb, one of the emblems on her shirt said 'Biker Barb.' When I asked her if she identifies as a butch, she said, 'I'm a baby butch!' SO cute! I loved her bracelets and rings, and she had a foot-long braided rat tail down her back. She also has a huge tatoo on her chest which she showed me."

"In my stymied state, my friend pointed out Laurie, and told me she identifies as butch. I would never have picked out Laurie, but once I started talking to her I got a strong butch vibe. I watched her dance with her GF (or date) during the night, and she was putting some major moves on her gal. Her GF or date looked as or more butch (to me) as she did. I saw lots of couples like that last night. My own attraction mechanisms are so Butch-Femme-hard-wired that I get mightily confused when I see butch-butch, femme-femme, or andro-andro couples. I get the urge to mix and match everyone up to fit my world view, not allowed."

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