Monday, December 5, 2011

#160 Butchdaddy

Robin, who wears lovely dresses quite well, says:

"This is a different sort of butch sighting because the butch made herself known to me. I recently signed up on a dating site as Femmeandpoodles. In my profile I say that I am only interested in butches, (and I even give a little plug for Butch Sightings). You'd think between my moniker and my stated preference, I make it pretty clear that butch/femme is my culture. But still, I get women with whom I share a horoscope sign or who feel they can sway me to like feminine women or tell me their friends think they're butch'y'. So the other day I signed on to the site in order to take down my profile and there was a message from 'Butchdaddy' that read: 'Love the blue dress!' (from one of my photos). If you're a femme, I don't even have to explain why this is such a great message. Butchdaddy is in Florida and in a relationship but that doesn't matter because it was so nice to be appreciated by a proud butch daddy who knew that I was a real deal femme. So I thanked her and told her about Butch Sightings and asked if I could put her photo up and she said yes."

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