Thursday, December 15, 2011

#162 - Bawdy Storytelling Presents: Blythe Balwin, Poet, Performer, Hottie

Tonight I had the eye-opening pleasure of attending Bawdy Storytelling in Oakland. I heard stories that surprised and moved me, and some that made me a little uncomfortable too. As a performance artist and writer and someone who often makes others feel a little uncomfortable, I appreciated that.

Here's a pic of Blythe, who is one helluva storyteller. Listening to her girlfriend crack up next to us was downright delightful.

Blythe, also known as Sparkplug, identifies more as andro than butch, although was very happy to be on Butch Sightings, and for that I am grateful. Thanks to Dixie De La Tour for putting me and my friend on the guest list, and thanks to @Reddivadana for making the connection.

Next month - Bawdy Storytelling's theme is Butch/Femme. I think you know what that means! January 11. See you there?

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