Tuesday, December 20, 2011

#175 Hanukkah First Night Butches - Sasha and Anja

Sasha T. Goldberg is the facilitator of the Oakland Bulldagger Group, which she founded in 2009. She is an inspirational appreciator of life and butches, and a community builder whose made a positive impact in the lives of many; there's something incredibly powerful about claiming who you are and bringing others together to do the same. Tonight Sasha and the bulldaggers got together to bask in the glow of Hanukkah at Chevy's.

Sasha says she always knew she was butch but when she was a kid, didn't have a word for what she would be as an adult. She thinks she probably first heard the term "butch" as a derogatory comment. She found it to be anything but for her. Stonebutch Blues was the first book she read that talked about butch life.

I asked Sasha what it was like to show up with a group of butches - she said sometimes it's like the sea parting (wrong holiday, right desert). She doesn't mind.

Here Sasha is with Anja. Anja ("j" pronounced like the "g" in geranium) has a small gap between her front teeth that was caused by having braces as a kid and then not wearing her retainer afterward. She's glad because she finds gap teeth sexy (they look good on her, for sure). She rides Honda CBR 600RR Supersport. She has had many cars, but always wanted a motorcycle and appreciatets that it lessens her impact on the environment and saves gas money. Plus, you know she looks good on that thing!

(Sasha left, Anja right)

(Anja left, Sasha right)

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