Tuesday, January 10, 2012

#186 Tijanna: NYE San Francisco

The butch sighting fun was non-stop on New Year's Eve. While many of the butches I know and love and have previously sighted, there were some new ones too. Excitement! This is Tijanna who was born in Detroit then dragged by her family to live in Hawaii (sounds nice maybe but she left everyone she knew and loved). She says she is "kinky, poly, recovery and plays bass in a band called BINKY that plays carnival death metal." (What is carnival death metal? I must do some research).

Tijanna used to play in was a fan of Mick Karn's band, Japan.

She did the first pose quickly and with a lot of laughter, and then insisted on the second (but I said I just had to post both, I think you'll see why).

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