Tuesday, January 10, 2012

#190 Chewy and B in the Costco Parking Lot

So yesterday at lunch I went to renew my Costco membership and get cheap(er) gas. Walking back from the store on the way to the car, I heard two people walking behind me. One said to the other, "You're the butch!" in a voice that told me they were both in good moods. How could I resist? I turned around and said, "Are you a butch? That's great, because I have a web site called Butch Sightings and I'd love to sight you!"

Butch identity confirmed, Chewy and her partner B posed for me (although B was not happy that she wasn't wearing lipstick. We forgive you B, I mean, it is Costco! Plus, you showed me that fabulous photo of you and Chewy dressed to the 9s!) B, incidentally, is a jewelry designer who works with large gemstones.

Chewy says she has been "butch from birth."

Nice to meet you!

Chewy with her arm around B. A wonderful couple.

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