Sunday, July 22, 2012

#224 Cathy

I surprised Cathy with my question on a sunny afternoon out at the shops. I spotted her when we arrived and waited until she came out of one shop before popping the question.

My guess was that it could go either way: identified as butch or as old school lesbian feminist who lived, at one point in her life, on the land. Truth is, she was intrigued by how she was seen by others, definitely likes the softer energy of more feminine women, and believes that all women carry feminine and masculine within themselves. Cathy still lives on the land part of the time, and the rest in San Francisco, where she grew up. She is a Leo with a birthday coming soon, and we had a lovely and interesting discussion. I introduced her to my son, partner and our butch friend Toby - hoping to make her feel at ease.

Sometime I would love for someone who has been "sighted" to write what it was like from their perspective.


  1. What an awesome idea for a blog!
    I love love LOVE it!!

  2. I found my way here through CCL and I have to say, I LOVE it. What a fantastic idea, and I am absolutely obsessed with it. I'm very fascinated by butch women and the ideology, attitude, etc. that seems to come with being butch. Seriously, how fascinating. Brand new follower here!

  3. Mel - thank you so much. CCL has sent a lot of people our way in the last couple of days and for that I'm very grateful. Makes me want to do more and more sightings. Have you dated a butch before?

    1. I have not. I am actually in my first relationship with a woman, having only come to terms with my sexuality this year. She defines herself as "tomboyish not really butch but definitely not girly..." :) I always thought I would be attracted to the more feminine end of the spectrum...but I'm not.