Monday, July 23, 2012


Today I was talking to the director of my son's summer camp. It was my first time meeting her and she was so clearly a butch, that I almost skipped the question "Do you identify as a butch" and asked her if she would agree to be sighted.

But I didn't skip the question and she responded thoughtfully by saying she had always been Tomboygirlish. There was nothing girlish about her. I thought she was using that term and not butch as some kind of new/old gay slang, but it turns out, she's never been queer - not in the 70s when she found out wearing plaid had a certain dykely connotation, and not during the many years she's been married to her husband. I know because I asked, "and you've never been with women?" She hadn't, but she had also had the question/assumption enough (for years) that she was okay with the conversation and I didn't feel weird/ashamed for asking. I appreciate her even more for that. She'a also got a kick ass summer camp!

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