Sunday, July 29, 2012

#232 Tigger

Tigger was taking photos all night, just like me. She called me over to talk and find out exactly why I had taken her photo earlier (with her wife's permission). She used to be a club kid, before she was married with kids. She is not 25, although that's the age I guessed. Tigger is parent to two teenagers and says that she no longer has an identity outside of "Mama." I tried to reassure Tigger that one can get their sense of personal identity back, but also commiserated; parenting changes everything.

Along with loving clubs, photography, her kids and wife, Tigger is an accomplished balloon artist who can do with balloons what a great caterer can do with food. She once made a 8' x 7' Incredible Hunk from baloons, and then stuffed it into her car, head out the sunroof, arms out the windows. A cop drove by and "whooped" his siren, then pulled up to say that she was doing "an awesome job with that."

Tigger is good people.

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