Sunday, July 29, 2012

#225 Coffee Butch

I stood behind Jamie in line at Peet's Coffee trying to figure out when I was going to ask. Hoping I wasn't misinterpreting the neck tattoo or stance from the back. She ordered, I ordered and then I found her and asked the question. Not only does Jamie identify as butch, her girlfriend has a femme blog called Outspoken Femme.

Jamie is a landscape gardener and former pastry chef. She drinks a dry, triple shot, whole milk cappuccino. She is very friendly and easy going. Hope to run into her at Peet's again sometime.


  1. Hot damn! That's my butch!

    and here is my blog's URL

    It's a small little blog world!

  2. Awesome! Were you familiar with this site before your butch got sighted?